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Divine Hand Poured Candles are truly a superior candle. These soy blended candles are triple scented to throw a scent that will fill your home or business. Our lead free wicks will provide you with a slow even burn and with proper maintenance our wicks never smoke. We have chosen not to color our candles so that every scent will blend nicely with all décor. If you don’t believe how great these candles are just read what others have to say……

I just had to tell you how awesome your DIVINE hand poured candles are! In the past, I was a dedicated Dreamer’s Candle girl. Recently, my children changed Elementary schools and every time I entered my 2nd grader’s hallway, I would be taken by the wonderful aroma. Come to find out, it actually came from his classroom. I got your number from his teacher and ordered the Crème Brulee and Blueberry scents. WOW! I am now a dedicated DIVINE candle girl!!!! I did not think it was possible to have a candle that smelled better than Dreamers, but I was wrong! I am just as thrilled with the burner concept…no lighter or matches, and no soot! I am ready to smell some of the other scents that you offer. You will be hearing from me soon! THANKS!
~Tina, Texas, US~

I was strolling down an isle when there it was, another candle crafter.... I reluctantly stopped and smelled with the mindset that I already have a favorite candle company that I use but I could smell anyway. I ended up buying 1 creme brulee candle and over the next couple of weeks when people came over they kept commenting on how wonderful it was. I ALWAYS have candles going in my house and have never had so many comments on one. My mother had tried to steal it by saying "it's almost gone anyway". So I called and ordered one for her. Then my sisters got wind of it and asked for the same for their birthdays which are only 2 weeks apart. Next thing you know, I signed up for the candle club and they were conveniently coming to my house. From that point on I never had to worry about shopping for a last minute gift, I would just reach into the cabinet and grab one of my Divine Candles and toss it into a bag and now I am known as the "candle mama" and everyone loves my gifts of these candles. I love it with my busy schedule and no matter what scent I give, it is cherished! Thanks for luring me in!!
~Cyndi Mitchell - Sachse, TX~
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